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  • Joe Bates Saga - The chapters of the Joe Bates Saga (a rather long story).
  • Magic & Science Fiction - Stories in which the change or setting is a magical, SF related or use actual not possible devices.
  • Non TG-Stories - Stories which probably should not appear here, but happen to be here.
  • Authoritarian - Stories involving Bondage and S&M.
  • by Authors - A list of authors from which a further selection leads to their stories.
  • Chemical - Stories using chemicals, hormones.
  • College - Stories in which the main character is in the age of a college student or a college setting.
  • Control - Stories which dealt with control, but do not fit into Mind-control or Authoritarian.
  • Highschool - Stories in which the main character is a highschool pupil or at the age of one.
  • Mind-control - Stories which tamper with the mind of the main character of any sort.
  • She-male - Stories in which a She-male is the main character or the the main character is changed into one.
  • Surgery - Stories which involved any kind of surgery to change the main character.
  • Teen - Stories in which the main character is in the age of a teenager.
  • TV - All stories which handle a change in the clothing. This also include crossdressing.
  • Young Friends - Stories in which the main charcter is below the age of a teenager.